Can I trailer the boat to whatever lake I want?

Absolutely! Take it on a Lake Powell trip or wherever you might be heading.

Will you launch the boat locally for me?

We can definitely try and accommodate this for you. If the lake is in the front range area, this shouldn’t be a problem.

Can you bring the boat to my house if I am trailering to another location?

Yes! For multi-day rentals, we will bring the boat to your house (provided you have room to keep it there overnight) and go over the features and operation of the boat with you.

What boats do you guys currently have?

Currently we have a brand new 2019 Axis A22 with all the add-ons to customize the wake to your liking. Seats around 11 adults comfortably. See the about us area for more details on the boat!

We have also partnered with a 2019 Axis A20 to offer more variety in rental options. This boat is smaller and has a few simpler features for those that are newer to wake sports.

Do you offer training or trial runs if I don’t have much experience?

This is something we can help with. We try to do trial runs every other week for people learning to drive V drive boats that are hoping to rent with us.

What is included in the rental?

Currently, the 2019 Axis A22 comes with a 3 person disc tube w/ pump, 2 Surfboards, 2 Wakeboards (men’s and womens’), 2 Surf vests (not USCG rated), 2 Wakeboarding jackets, 4 emergency jackets, and 3 basic life jackets. If you have kids you will need to have your own kids size life jackets. Of course you take with you as much or as little of this stuff as you want.

Is Gas included?

Gas use is not included. Depending on your trailer situation, we can deliver with as little gas as possible to make the load lighter. If you return the boat with more gas then we gave it to you, we will try and credit the difference.